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20 July 2008 @ 04:18 pm

Name(or username):Heather (AkA moviesurfer)
Stamp Gender Preference:Either/OR
Who You Were Previously Stamped As:Kate/Maxie
What is your favorite genre of music? Anything but country...LOL it varies well besides movie soundtracks I enjoy Daughtry,Maroon 5,Panic at the Disco,The Beatles,Aly and AJ....I think you can judge from that
What is your idea of the perfect date? I realy don't know. On the one hand a classic dinner and a movie is good but I wouldn't mind something a bit more romantic like a carrage ride through a park os something....
GH Related
Where would you live if you lived in PC ? Probably either above Kelly's or in Sam's apartment building
What character would be your enemy ? Why? Probably Maxie cause I'd want Spinelli to myself LOL JK...I realy don't know...probibly a know it all jerky character like Dr.Hunter or someone like Carly
What would be your means for comeing to town ? Probably either a student @ PCU or an intern for Jax's company or ELQ or something who finds shocking blood ties to someone in town